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Our Process for Orthodontics

At each visit, our doctors will complete a thorough growth and development exam on your child.


If they notice that problems with your child’s bite may be starting to develop she may recommend special x-rays to help accurately diagnose any problems. Every child is completely different, and some children may benefit from starting treatment at an earlier age. We will thoroughly explain what your child’s unique situation is, and will make sure all of your questions are answered.

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Keeping a cheerful staff and a relaxed ambiance, we strive to make each patient as comfortable and happy as possible. Patients are encouraged to book appointments with us at their own convenient time and spend the minimum time waiting.

We accept all major insurance plans and most Medicare supplements, including Delta Dental, Sigma Dental and the State Department of Social Services (Husky Insurance).

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Trust us to be there to help all and make things well again.
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