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Would you like to learn ways to help your child over their fear of dentist?

While most dentists’ offices are not as scary as they used to be, your children may not be too fond of the idea of going in for a visit. There are many reasons a child may not want to go to their dentist visit. Many children have had cavities in the past and disliked the experience too much or simply do not feel comfortable with their dentist but these issues are what will stop your child from wanting to attend their dentist visits.


The best policy to follow is to be honest and ask your child how they feel. Studies have shown that asking your child about their lingering fears may help the situation. Part of being honest with your child is being honest about the experience. Lying to your child about the pain and or the procedure of a dental visit may make matters worse.  Always remember to keep a positive attitude.


Make sure to stay with your child for comfort. Many dentists allow the parent to stay right in the area. This is a great way to prevent your child’s anxiety and gradually, you won’t have to be there at all.

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