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Why are Sugary Foods Bad For Teeth?

Foods that are high in carbohydrates, starches, and sugars can cause dental decay and have a negative impact on dental health when consumed in immoderate amounts or when left on the teeth too long after eating. Fostering a healthy and well-balanced diet for children from an early age helps form habits that result in a lifetime of strong teeth and overall better health. Say no to sugary foods. Start by buying healthy snacks and store them away from your child’s reach.


Here are some nutritional choices to keep their teeth healthier and cleaner:

  • Lean meats, nuts, and proteins—These are a good source of protein for children and help strengthen tooth enamel.
  • Fruits and vegetables—Fruits and veggies are a good snack alternative to foods rich in carbohydrates. Eating crunchy, raw fruits and vegetables every day helps remove some substances that adhere to the surface of the teeth when eating, as well as promote overall health.
  • Calcium Sources—Strong sources of calcium are crucial to your child’s bones and for building strong teeth. Low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt, and broccoli are good sources of calcium.
  • Water instead of sugary juices or soda—Sodas, juices, and even milk can contain large amounts of sugar that can cause dental decay. Limit the amount of sugary drinks a child consumes and get your child in the habit of primarily drinking water


Families need to establish regular snack and meal times to help reduce all-day sugar exposure on the teeth. This goes for adults, teens, and little kids. And most of all, do not send your babies to bed with juice or milk.

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