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What Happens After Years of Thumb Sucking?

Many children use sucking for many reasons. Some children use this behavior to calm themselves. Now a day, many parents use pacifiers which is similar to thumb sucking. Other toys can be teething toys, and other items designed for children to suck on in order to help their child emotional during this growth period. This happens because common once your child gets older, a bad habit to break. Unfortunately, thumb sucking can have long-lasting negative side effects if the habit persists past age four. Possible side effects of prolonged or intense thumb sucking include the following four.

1. Open Bite

One of the most permanent effects of thumb sucking is overbite. The teeth misalign and can become visible even after your child closes their mouth for both bottom and upper teeth. Open bite may require further attention when your child is of age like braces.

2. Overbite

Overbite much like open bite occurs when teeth become directed outward.
The only difference is that an overbite only occurs in the upper teeth.

3. Skin Problems

Issues can occur on their preferred thumb. The moisture of the mouth can
cause the skin to become vulnerable, higher risk for injuries. Peeling and
ingrowth on the finger can be makor issues of thumb sucking.

4. Speech Impediment

Thumb sucking can change how your child eats or speaks. Thumb sucking can cause lisping and impede your child to pronounce certain constants.

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