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Have a Healthy 4th of July!

Holidays can cause stress on our teeth. We tend to take holidays as time to temporarily forget about the continuance effort it takes to keep our teeth healthy.

But you do not have to totally abandon care for your teeth in order to have a good time. Here are three great ideas to keep you smiling this July 4th weekend.

Eat this but not that.

Even though there are foods like candy or chips, try options that are healthy and tasty. What about a parfait made out of greek yogurt? You can and fruits like berries for the right amount of sweetness. Involving your children can be fun as well.

Do not forget the water.

Sugar drinks are common during the 4th of July. Water is better than sodas and sports drinks, it keeps you hydrated. Water helps rinse away food particles trapped in your teeth and limits the growth of bacteria.

Toothbrush on the Go.

Just because you are away from home, should not mean you should neglect your teeth. Bring a toothbrush to clean the bacteria away as well as trapped particles in your teeth. Help you children make your own “tooth-care bag”.

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