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What are the causes of bad breath?

There are many different odors for bad breath. It all depends on the underlying cause. Bad breath is also called Halitosis. Bad breath in children is not uncommon. Children are not aware of the causes and the cures but we are here to inform you now. There are four main reasons why your child will have bad breath. Our dentists at Tooth Fairy can help you find out why as part one of today’s blog.


  • Unhealthy Tooth Brushing

One of the major causes of bad breath in children is lack or poor oral hygiene. Many children hate the thought of brushing their teeth. Many children, especially, hate brushing the tongue. Brushing your child’s teeth and tongue can help fight against the cause of bad breath.


  • Mouth Breathers

Many parents are not aware that children who breathe through mouth can be a cause for bacteria to grow. Breathing through your mouth can make your mouth dry.


  • VSC

VSC stands for Volatile Sulphur Compounds. These are the compounds that are excreted when bacteria digest the mouth debris. These compounds are made up of various foul-smelling gases that will continue to grow bacteria until the child is hydrated.

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